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The secret of Montepulciano

In the last few years Montepulciano has become more and more popular as an attractive choice for thousands of visitors from all over the world. Montepulciano is famous for its art, architecture, and elegant Renaissance palazzi, which are the symbol of an important past under the Medici family. It is also famous for its red wine, which is another strong attraction. But Montepulciano offers much more.

The origins of the town go back to Etruscan times. Tunnels, caves, walls and Etruscan tombs can be found under the streets of the town. Tombs built by the Etruscans were used in successive centuries as cellars and as part of a sophisticated aqueduct. Today most of them are part of private properties, but some have been restored and are open to visitors. Walking through these tunnels immediately transports you to another time. They are so magnificent that is impossible not to admire what was created thousand of years ago and appreciate the privilege of visiting them today. I suggest that when you visit Montepulciano, you take the time to stop at “La città sotterranea” and Cantina de' Ricci, which is a monumental structure 5 metres below street level.

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