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The Val d'Orcia and its treasures: the chapel Madonna di Vitaleta

The Val d’Orcia is one of the most evocative and unique valleys in Tuscany. Professional photographers from all over the world can be found here every day of the year trying to take the perfect photo.

When you come here you expect to see rolling hills and fabulous sunsets. But what you might not expect are little treasures such as the Chapel of Madonna di Vitaleta, which is built on top of a hill. One of the most photographed churches in Tuscany, this mystical building used to be the home of a Renaissance statue of the Madonna sculpted by the artist, Andrea della Robbia in 1590.
This spectacular chapel was restored in 1984 by the architect Giuseppe Partini and was recently classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.The statue of the Madonna was moved to a church, known as the 'Church of the Madonna', in the nearby city of San Quirico, where it can be more easily seen by the many tourists who flock here to photograph its beauty.

Every year a festival is held in honour of the statue of the Madonna in this town. Sweet music can be heard floating from the church during the celebrations; a worthy experience for any tourist during their explorations of this inspiring area in southern Tuscany. A beautiful way to experience the Chapel of the Madonna di Vitaleta and the statue’s new home in San Quirico is by taking a day long cycling tour through the fortified city walls and out into the beautiful countryside.

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